#SpotlightSunday: Lindsay Bollhoefer

Say hello to Lindsay Bollhoefer! She is the mother of three little boys. Her husband is in the army, and she teaches music at Northwestern Elementary. In her spare time, she enjoys adventuring with her boys, and singing and playing piano in the worship team at Oakbrook. Read more below about her love for Nadege's mission, and her excitement leading up to the Restored Gala.


1. In three words describe yourself.

So hard! I asked my husband to answer this and he sent me a list of ten words, so i chose from that. He said that I'm adventurous, intelligent and abnormal.

2. What does hope mean to you?

The time that I've spent working on my Restored piece has become a time of meditation on hope and all that Nadege is going to do. I think about how I can spread the word about Nadege and its message of hope. For me, hope is faith in a brighter future. It's a reason to wake each morning and greet the day with optimism. 

3. What has caused you to help restore hope in Haiti?

I am so blessed to be able to follow my dreams in this life. I can have a career that I love, provide for my family, and pursue the things I am passionate about, all because I live in a place where I am valued. I want every woman to feel valued and have a chance at living the life that she deserves. That is what drives me to help Nadege's mission. 

4. Our theme for the Gala is Isaiah 61:3. How have you witnessed "beauty coming from ashes" in your own life or the lives of others?

It was difficult for us to conceive our first son, and I was emotionally in a low place. For a year we watched others have children or become pregnant, and it was very hard to be excited for them or enjoy babies. Finally, after much prayer, we met our son, Holden. If there is anything more beautiful than the birth of a child, I don't know what it would be. The gift of a new life is truly a miracle, and a gift from God.

5. What is your hidden talent?

Well I don't know that I have any "hidden" talents. Music is my talent; I sing and play the clarinet and piano. 

Lindsay and her boys

Lindsay and her boys

Her restored piece....can you guess what the final product will be? ;)

Her restored piece....can you guess what the final product will be? ;)