#SpotlightSunday: Nancy & Kendra

Say hello to Nancy Bayer and Kendra Bayer-Foreman- a mother-daughter artist team!  Nancy is a retired public school art teacher.  Kendra gives art lessons and holds art workshops for students in both Tipton and Kokomo.  She is also the creative force behind Handbags for Healing. The creative duo is currently working on giving new life to a set of 4 discarded chairs.  Read more below about Nancy and Kendra's powerful words on hope and their belief that "helping women find their beauty again, giving hope to the hopeless, and a future walking with the Lord" is the heart of Nadege.


1. In three words describe yourself.

Nancy: Creative, Enthusiastic, Hardworking. 

Kendra: Creative, Compassionate, Driven

2. What does hope mean to you?

Believing something better is possible and coming! We are both very optimistic people.

3. What has caused you to help restore hope in Haiti?

Nancy: Our family has been involved with different mission organizations in Haiti for many years. we knew about the poverty, the voodoo practices, the lack of educational opportunities and the need for a life-changing meeting with Jesus. We recently have worked with Curtis Stout on a Bible-based art curriculum for Project 117. When we heard from Emily about the hopeless condition of many women in Haiti we wanted to use our art talents to help be restorers of hope to these women.

Kendra: I desire to be apart of making life better for these women.

4. Our theme for the Gala is Isaiah 61:3. How have you witnessed “beauty coming from ashes” in your own life or the lives of others?

Nancy: I personally have known many women whose life journeys have led them through really hard situations- abuse, disease, marital issues, mental illness, death, addiction, etc. I've seen over and over again how knowing Christ and experiencing the power of God's love has enabled them to go through the worst and come out on the other side bruised but not broken- beauty from ashes.

Kendra: The older I get the more evidence I see of God's bigger picture...answered prayers, ripple effects, assurance that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.

5. What is your hidden talent?

Nancy: I can still speak a little high school Spanish.

Kendra: I can sing two notes at the same time...it is not pretty.