By: Emily Hays

Take a moment to imagine your favorite woman. It could be your sister, girlfriend, wife or best friend. Think about how much you love her and how you would do anything for her. Now, imagine her in this scenario:

The sun sets. The stars appear. She lays on a mattress in the corner of her small, one bedroom house. She feels the breeze coming in from the doorway that is covered only by a sheet. There are no locks on the doors, no protection from the outside world. She wonders if it will happen again tonight. Will she be forced to endure the assault of a man? It has happened too many times to count. She can’t tell anyone about the abuse she has endured. If she reports it to the police, they will likely refuse to believe her. If she tells her family, they may disown her. If she discloses to a friend, she may tell potential suitors who will likely consider her unfit for marriage because she’s no longer a virgin. Her thoughts race. Fear overcomes her. She hears footsteps. Her heart races. Tears stream down her face. She could run but he would only catch her. Hope eludes her. She has no money, no education, no protection. This is her plight, wondering night after night if she will be a victim of gender based violence once again. 

If this story was about a woman you loved dearly, would you intervene? Would you do something to help? #hoperestored #bethechange