The Restored Gala is a unique event with a meaningful mission: to restore hope to women in Haiti. Twenty-five Hope Restorers have embarked on a journey to fulfill this mission by restoring an item that the world would deem as junk and raise $1,000 in the process.  The money they raise will be matched by a generous donor, and their restored pieces will be auctioned off at the Gala on September 22, 2018. Join us by getting your tickets for the event and helping Chelsea reach her goal by donating to her campaign below.

meet chelsea


My name is Chelsea Radcliff. I am a full-time mama of twin girls and a part-time employee at Bridges Outreach. My husband Tyler and I love to take old things and give them new purpose and life, which is one reason I love The Restored Gala so much! My husband and I have traveled to Haiti several times, and I feel honored to have a part in restoring hope to women there by partnering with Nadege. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Nadege, and I encourage you to get involved, either by supporting my restored project or purchasing tickets to attend the Gala!