One of our core beliefs is that partnerships are key to restoring HOPE to women in Haiti. Currently, it’s estimated that close to 20,000 NGOs exist in Haiti. Yet many services are being duplicated due to a lack of partnership among organizations. If our HOPE is to empower women and ultimately, end sexual violence in Haiti, it will take everyone working together to accomplish this God-sized dream. As we continue to connect in Haiti, we wish to partner with organizations to bring healing in the following areas:

  1. Physical: hospitals, clinics & universities.

  2. Mental: mental health agencies, psychiatric programs & healing arts programs

  3. Spiritual: churches, mentorship programs & NGOs

  4. Financial: micro-lending institutions, sewing co-op programs, universities & local businesses

  5. Cultural: churches, primary/secondary schools, universities & NGOs

Forming partnerships will take time, but we strongly believe it is a crucial component to effecting lasting change in Haiti

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