The Restored Gala is a unique event with a meaningful mission: to restore hope to women in Haiti. Twenty-five Hope Restorers have embarked on a journey to fulfill this mission by restoring an item that the world would deem as junk and raise $1,000 in the process.  The money they raise will be matched by a generous donor, and their restored pieces will be auctioned off at the Gala on September 23, 2017. Join us by getting your tickets for the event and helping Danelle & Laura reach their goal by donating below.

Meet Danelle & Laura

Hi - We are Danelle and Laura - best friends, travelers, farmers market goers, co-workers, coffee drinkers (not just any coffee), learners, and people lovers.  We are both from the Kokomo area but actually met each other while overseas in India!  Danelle is a projector and is gifted at taking something worn out and restoring it back to life - she inspires Laura who would usually rather pay to have something re-done for her!  Laura, however can see the potential of something and find what is needed to make that vision a reality - together they make a great team.  We are tackling a table in pieces and a chair that looks like it was used as a scratch post - by the end we think we will be the ones wanting to bid on them! 

We love the vision of restoring hope to those with whom it has been lost and are honored to be joining Nadege's Restored Gala this year.