#SpotlightSunday: Morgan Young

Say hello to Morgan Young- mentor, pastor, and restorer! Through his love for helping others, Morgan is restoring a piece for the Restored Gala this year. He currently is a pastor at Oakbrook, facilitator of the Kokomo Schools CEO program, and is a co-owner of Main Street Café with his wife, Sandra. Prepare to be inspired by Morgan's wise words about giving, miracles, and restoring hope in Haiti. 

1. In three words describe yourself.

Creative. Insightful. Introvert. 

Morgan with the piece he is restoring!

Morgan with the piece he is restoring!

2. What does hope mean to you?

It's the power of possibility. The incentive to try again. The excuse to strive for something better. The fuel to fulfill our potential.

3. What has caused you to help restore hope in Haiti?

My friend, Julie Baldini, whom I've served with in Haiti twice, kindly suggested I get involved and since I already believed in what Nadege is doing, it made sense. God used Julie to nudge me ;-)

4. Our theme for the Gala is Isaiah 61:3. How have you witnessed “beauty coming from ashes” in your own life or the lives of others?

Absolutely. I never knew faith or church as a child; I came to know Jesus as an adult. So my life was ashes! I've seen God take people's addictions, horrible marriages, abuse, loss, bad choices and make beautiful things through His miraculous relationship of grace. Walking miracles are all around us!

5. What is your hidden talent?

I'm a teen-whisperer ;-) God has shown up in powerful ways just the last couple years as I've worked with high school seniors, mentoring them through the Kokomo CEO entrepreneurship class. Never saw myself doing this--what's a guy my age doing with high school seniors? ;-)