#SpotlightSunday: Julie Baldini

Say hello to Julie Baldini. This is her second year restoring an item for the Restored Gala. She is a mom to three, passionate about serving the next generation and an advocate for HOPE everywhere she goes. We can't wait to see how she takes this small rocking chair and restores it into an item children will be using for years to come. Support Julie's campaign here and learn more about her in this week's #SpotlightSunday. 


1. In three words describe yourself.

Winsome, fun, loving

2. What does hope mean to you?

Hope is a feeling down deep in your soul that gives you the confidence to courageously face each day!

3. What has caused you to help restore hope in Haiti?

My heart aches for anyone living in hopeless situations. I have become educated about the number of victims of gender based violence in Haiti through the founders of Nadege, and I want to play my part in restoring hope to those victims.

4. Our theme for the Gala is Isaiah 61:3. How have you witnessed “beauty coming from ashes” in your own life or the lives of others?

During my last trip to Haiti, I met 3 girls at a children's home who were displaced from their home after their mother committed suicide. These girls have experienced the most unimaginable circumstances, but they are finding joy each new day in their new home. Because of their new circumstances, these girls have a safe home and food to eat every day. They will receive an education, and most importantly they will hear about a God who loves them and will never leave them.

5. What is your hidden talent?

I have what they call a green thumb when it comes to growing plants and flowers.

A sneak peek to the piece Julie is restoring for the Restored Gala.

A sneak peek to the piece Julie is restoring for the Restored Gala.