#SpotlightSunday- Adrianne Gamester

Please join us in welcoming Adrianne Gamester to the Nadege team as both our new intern and restorer for our upcoming Restored Gala. She is currently attending IUK and working toward a double major in Psychology and Public Relations. Fun fact: she attended the University of Evansville for two years, which is the alma mater of one of our co-founders. Sit back and enjoy her #spotlightsunday post below:

In three words describe yourself.

Passionate, Loyal, Genuine. 

What inspired you to help restore hope in Haiti?

I was first introduced to Nadege a few months ago, and the stories of the injustices facing women in Haiti broke my heart. After that initial encounter, God just let everything fall into place. Beginning the internship with Nadege has already changed my life, and my only desire is to help change lives in Haiti. 

What does hope mean to you?

I believe hope is the light we see at the end of the tunnel. All of the obstacles, twists and turns along the way cause us to rely on hope. We know we will make it, and that is what keeps us hanging on. 

Our theme for the Gala is Isaiah 61:3. How have you witnessed “beauty coming from ashes” in your own life or in the lives of others?

It is amazing that God's promises are greater than my past, failures, flaws, obstacles, and difficulties. I believe that in my past I was in a desert place, alone and afraid, and it has been in moments like these where I've learned to place my complete trust in Him. In the ashes is where I've discovered beauty- it comes from pain, but it ensures spiritual growth, healing, and ultimately trust in God that He will endure. 

What is your hidden talent?

A hidden talent of mine is that I can play the alto saxophone. It was the first instrument I learned to play in 5th grade. I was unable to continue jazz band in high school due to swimming, but I still played on my own. I still remember how to play some songs by memory.

Adrianne and Brittany's before picture of their piece for the Restored Gala

Adrianne and Brittany's before picture of their piece for the Restored Gala