#FiveThingsFriday- Summit's Gotta Give

Your weekly five-point summary of what's new with Nadege. This week, we're kicking it Summit Style while we have a team at the Exodus Cry Abolition Summit.

1. What's Coming:

We still have two more days at the Abolition Summit, and we're already feeling blessed by what those days will hold.  Our team is looking forward to a few more days of soaking up wisdom, networking with like-minded organizations, and encountering the Lord's heart and vision for justice.

2. Prayer Request:

With our team in Kansas City, MO, join us in praying for their time at Abolition Summit and their journey home.  We're sending up prayers for fresh knowledge, guiding wisdom, powerful partnerships, divine alignments and a sense of renewed energy to tackle the issue of sexual violence in Haiti.

3. Photo/Video of the Week:

We're jumping for joy at the chance to share the story of Nadege with so many who are excited to listen!

4. Thankful Thought:

As we fight for justice for the women of Haiti and long to show them God's love, we are so grateful for the reminder that we are not in this battle alone.  All over the world, people are working hard to bring restoration and HOPE to those who have had it taken away from them.  What a blessing it has been to connect with those people and be poured into by leaders of this movement!

5. Weekly Words:

"Love is the great conquerer of lust." - C.S. Lewis