He Moves, You Move

By: Rick and Wendy Mitchell

Rick and Wendy Mitchell live in Ohio, but their hearts wrap around the world.  They have given generously to Nadege and other organizations, helping to love God's people no matter where those people may be.  Here's what they have to say about being led to give:

Over the last several years, it has been put on our hearts that God is moving in many ways and we are compelled to move with Him.  Several things have happened over the course of that time that have been obvious signs to us that God has wanted us to engage in a specific area: women and children who are being taken advantage of and hurt in parts of the world where their interests are not top priorities.  Clearly, it has long been the case that women and children are vulnerable in many parts of the developing world and many people and organizations have worked hard to put an end to poverty and exploitation.  But it is not enough. 

We have been supporters of this cause for years, but recently we have directed more of our giving and prayers to organizations who have a more specific focus on women and children’s causes.  This started when some friends of ours answered God’s call to sell everything (literally everything) and move to Haiti to run a girls’ orphanage.  That was almost 4 years ago and they have now worked for two Christian organizations whose mission it is to lift up kids in a part of the world where poverty and natural disaster has led to many homeless, parentless kids.  We decided to partner with them on this journey and have watched God move in many encouraging ways.

Secondly, our local church has had a relentless focus on eradicating the exploitation of women and children through the sex slave trade.  Our church has put this issue, which is often not talked about, on the front burner.  The efforts have resulted in many girls being saved from this atrocity and then restored and rehabilitated in aftercare facilities.  It is an effort that requires a long-term financial commitment.  God has brought this issue to our attention and, both personally and as a church, we are responding.

Lastly, while all of this was coming into focus, we had a conversation with our niece, Danielle, about her involvement and passion for the work of Nadege.  She told us all about the organization, it’s mission and her calling to get involved.  It was very clear that God was moving in her heart and she was not going to ignore the call.  Her story was compelling and, being in line with what God was already showing us, we wanted to help.  It just so happened that Rick was in Kokomo visiting his sister and brother-in-law one weekend, and it just so happened that Danielle was home from college for the weekend.  It also just so happened that he attended church with them on the day that Emily gave a talk on Nadege and the work she and her team were doing in Haiti to raise funds for a safe house.  We took all of these “just so happened” events together as God speaking to us and decided to get involved.

We are honored to partner with Nadege and are very encouraged by the updates we regularly receive.  Not only is it a wonderful cause, but it’s also a well-managed organization that is running toward the problem of gender-based violence in Haiti and is doing something tangible about it.   God has blessed us in many ways.  We live in a country that is flush with resources.  Our first world problems are very small in comparison to the struggles of those who are marginalized in many places in the developing world.  We count it a privilege to give of the resources God has given us to help these women and children who are so close to His heart.